Daniel Schilleci

Delivery Station Manager | Transport Logistics Support Officer
Amazon | US Army Reserve

Daniel is responsible for managing Amazon's 3rd most profitable station, delivering over 40k packages daily. He has been instrumental in developing the Amazon Logistics Network, which now serves billions globally.

For the past 15 years, Dan has served as a Major in the United States Army Reserve. His dedication to utilizing a ground transportation network across the African continent has enabled life support for over 500 U.S. Soldiers and 50,000 locals this past year.



Daniel Schilleci is a Delivery Station Site Leader for Amazon Logistics as well as the Transportation Logistics Support Officer for the 79th Theater Sustainment Command in the US army Reserve. He recently completed a NATO assignment with the Army assisting and training transportation and logistics operations to host nations on the continent of Africa.

Daniel has lead Soldiers on two separate combat tours in Iraq, a peace keeping mission in Egypt, and multiple logistics operations spanning Canada, the United States, Italy, Germany, and Africa during his 13 years of active duty service. He has served as a logistics advisor, briefed AFRICOM (Africa Command) at their headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and addressed the United Nations in Vienna. Daniel is a product of the University of California, Los Angeles Reserve Officer Training Corps program and a graduate of the Royal Danish Navy’s Utility of Military History Course in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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