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2021 Commercial Partners

Performance Solutions by Milliken

Operational Excellence & Safety Consulting
Performance Solutions by Milliken brings a unique, Practitioner-based value proposition to its clients and has built an enviable record of helping companies achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in their operations and safety excellence efforts. This approach, built on the foundation of lessons learned while Milliken & Company created and implemented its own world-class performance system, helps client organizations engage and empower their associates by working side-by-side to establish a culture of continuous improvement and drive breakthrough operations impact. Performance Solutions currently serve companies in more than 100 operating locations in 28 countries across a wide range of industry sectors.


Facilitate workforce excellence through digital standard work.

The SwipeGuide platform and apps empower leading manufacturers to improve operational knowledge and performance across sites, lines, and teams. Deliver scalable digital work instructions and checklists with mobile devices and give your deskless workers what they need to excel - success in manufacturing depends on them. 

SwipeGuide delivers a user-focused instruction experience that makes it effortless to capture and improve a central repository of critical operational knowledge. Expect 60% less time spent creating, updating, or sharing standard work. It also gives both operators, engineers, and supervisors the confidence that this knowledge will always be up to date. 

Our customers across 89 countries - including Heineken, ABB, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola - have increased First-Time-Right by up to 26% while reducing machine downtime by 33%.

Digital standard work drives operational excellence - SwipeGuide delivers it in a way that finally makes sense.

University of Michigan, Tauber Institute for Global Operations


Veryable is the leading 'on-demand' labor marketplace solution for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing companies. Our proprietary technology and unique 'labor pool' model enables companies to "flex" their labor needs in real-time to better meet today's growing customer demands. With 16 regional offices in the US, Veryable supports over 500 businesses across all supply chain verticals. The future of manufacturing and logistics is here. Learn how to transform your workforce at