Driving Supply Chain Optimization with Industry-Leading Expertise

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the American Supply Chain Management Strategies Virtual Summit!

We were joined by America's leading supply chain professionals discussing: 

  • How to implement innovative technologies, transformation strategies and collaboration methods to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain processes
  • Agile customer-centric supply planning and optimization strategies
  • With the current skills gap being faced by the industry, find out how to drive change through leadership, increase employee engagement and hands-on solutions to employee retention
  • How to manage risk and volatility in an ever-changing global economy
  • Disruptive technologies for managing supply, production and delivery; Big Data, IoT and Robotics
  • The use of analytics to interpret complexity demand information in omni-channel market
  • How to work across silos: realising the synergies and maximizing the opportunities


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